In the name of Art

When all my ambitions and desires die,
when everything in me ebbs away,
and I am merely a hollowed vessel that floats along the coast
– I shall cease to be human.

When all my beliefs and fervor fade,
when everything I was is but a distant mist,
and I am merely a branch of driftwood, brought in by the tides
– I shall cease to be human.

When all my sentience and hunger hit the rocks,
when everything I did is long forgotten,
and I am merely splinters washed away
– I shall cease to be human.

I’ll be wood and wind and water.
I’ll be sand and salt and sun.

But as long as there is poetry in my lungs,
and my lips cling to it like a teething child,
I shall walk along the beach
and swim in those finite waters,
I shall write and sing and shout
that I am human
and claim myself
for myself
in the name of art.


~ just sit back and watch… ~

why do you listen
to the whispers
of the lost
and unfortunate?

why don’t you learn
to love?

why does the world keep turning

why don’t I
just sit back and
the battle?