change(/)life itself

What’s our biggest fear?
Is it failing?
Something else?

Why is it so difficult to love?
Is it warped expectations?
Is it him?
Is it me?

Why is it so difficult to live?
Is it our own fault?
Is it them? The corporations?
The system?

Why is there so much leaden worry lodged in our chests?
Why are there so many big black dogs in our heads?

Why are we not enough?
Why are we flawed?
Why is the world?
Was it the egg or the chicken’s fault?

If we change, will it get better?
Will it?
Do we all need to change?
Can we?

Is that why there’s so much disease?
Is that why it’s so difficult to live? So complex to love?
Is that the reason we fail? Is that the reason for regret? For something else all together?
Is that our biggest fear?
or life itself?